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Palms For Sale For Every Project

At Foxtail Farms of California we aim to help landscapers find exactly what they are looking for.  We specialize in Palms and Phormium, but more than that we specialize in customer service.  We aim to provide excellent service to all our customers.  No matter what type of job you have, we aim to provide the best combination of service, Palms, and Phormium around.  

Palms And Phormium Plants For Sale

We have a variety of Palms and Phormium Plants For Sale for you to choose from.  We offer over 28 varieties of Phormium Plants, and that is just the start.  We know that in order for you to have creative freedom with your landscaping projects you need choices.  This is why we offer such a wide selection.  You do not need to come to us for some types and go elsewhere for others.  Our wide selection is sure to be able to fill your Phormium needs.  

We also offer a number of different types of Palms.  Foxtail Palms, California Coconut Palms, and Red Flame Palms are just a few varieties that we have available for your landscaping needs.  Check out our selection because we have more than 15 types to suit your latest project.

For Projects Large And Small

You may be wondering if we can supply Palms and Phormiums for large landscaping projects, and we certainly can.  You may wonder if we also cater to those whose plant needs are on a smaller scale, and we can help you out with these smaller projects too.  No matter what size your project is, we aim to provide the Palms and Phormiums that will make it complete.

Extra Help And Guidance

We can provide you with the actual plants, but we can do more than that.  Maybe you need extra help planning out your project from the start.  Whether you need help with Palm Landscaping or Phormium Landscaping we can assist you by looking over your tentative landscaping plans or we can help you design them from the start.  

If you need assistance with anything from the planning to Palm Planting Tips and Phormium Planting Tips then we can provide you with the guidance you need.  We don't just want to sell you plants.  We want to help make your landscaping project a success.  

We provide the Phormiums and Palms For Sale that you need.  We can provide them for projects large and small.  Whether you have your plan or need help coming up with one, we can help make your latest landscaping project a rousing success.


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