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Bismark Palm
Bismark Palm
Bismarkia Nobilus/Palm

As you can see from the picture on the left, the Bismarkia is one of the most striking and magnificent palms grown today. It has large, beautiful, blue-gray leaves and will grow to a height of 15-18 feet. Its growth rate is a bit slow when young, but moderate after the trunk develops. It should be planted in full sun and can withstand dry heat, although it prefers a more tropical climate. It is cold tolerant to 27-28 degrees. As with most palms, well draining soil is a requirement, and the Bismark will respond well to regular fertilizing. Transplanting can be difficult and it is best grown from pots. The Bismarkia has a bold and dominating appearance, therefore groupings are not recommended.
Bismark Palm
Foxtail Farms has young Bismarkia palms. They are currently planted in three-gallon containers, as the Bismarkia does not like frequent transplanting. This size seedling should ready for field planting or upgrading to a larger container by the fall of 2005.

Growing Requirements
Cold Tolerance: To 27-28 degrees
Growth Rate: Moderate
Height: To 18'
Light Req: Moderate
Soil Req: Adaptable
Feeding Req: Moderate
Water Reg: Heavy
Bismark Palm
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