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Blue Fan Palm
Blue Fan Palm
Brahea armata

The Brahea armata, often called the Mexican Blue Fan Palm, is a perfect specimen for Southern California's Mediterranean climate. Although a slow grower, its blue-gray leaves and long inflorescences make the Brahea worth waiting for. Typically, it can reach heights of 30-40 feet, and can be grown in zones 9B-11. It is extremely drought tolerant and does well in high alkaline soils, but will not tolerate poor drainage. For best results, plant in full sun with frequent feedings with a slow release palm fertilizer.
Blue Fan Palm
The picture at left shows a mature Brahea growing in San Diego County. Its striking blue color makes the Brahea very desirable. Foxtail Farms has some Brahea’s approximately three feet in height and ready for planting.

Growing Requirements
Cold Tolerance: To 15 degrees
Growth Rate: Slow
Height: To 35'
Light Req: High
Soil Req: Adaptable
Feeding Req: Moderate
Water Reg: Drought Tolerant
Blue Fan Palm
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