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Cuban Royal Palm
8' Royals in Somis
Roystonea regia

The Cuban Royal Palm has been the signature palm of Florida for many years. Long thought to be to sensitive for Southern California's sub-tropical or Mediterranean climate. Well there's great news. The Royal Palm does nicely in many areas of So Cal. Our inventory of Royals consists of 4-5 footers in 10-gallon containers and 8 footers in 25 gallon. All are adapted to our Somis growing grounds weather and ready for planting. You can compare our weather to yours by clicking the "Compare Weather" link above.
Mature Royals
Growing Requirements
Cold Tolerance: To 33 degrees
Growth Rate: Slow to Moderate
Height: To 60'
Light Req: High
Soil Req: Well Draining
Feeding Req: Moderate to Heavy
Water Reg: Heavy
Whitish Gray Trunk
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