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Mediterranean Fan Palm
Chamaerops humilis
Mediterranean Fan Palm

The Mediterranean Fan Palm is one of the more common palms found in Southern California. It is drought and wind tolerant and can take temperature to 10 degrees. They clump easily and will reach 10 feet in height. The Mediterranean Fan can serve as an under story to taller palms or stand alone. The petioles are heavily spined so care must be used when trimming. It maintains color well and grows a little faster in partial shade. A well draining soil is a must along with a complete palm fertilizer.
We currently have a nice supply of Chamaerops in three and five gallon containers. A little slow in containers but once planted and established the Chamaerops humilis will demonstrate a moderate growth rate.

Growing Requirements
Cold Tolerance: To 10 degrees
Growth Rate: Slow to Moderate
Height: To 20'
Light Req: High
Soil Req: Well Draining
Feeding Req: Moderate to Heavy
Water Reg: Low
Med Growing in Jamul
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