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King Palm
King Palm
Archontophoenix cunninghamiana (Bangalow Palm)

The Archontophoenix cunninghamiana (Bangalow Palm) is a common palm in Southern California and is mistaken frequently for the Archontophoenix alexandrae (King Palm). In most cases, it is extremely difficult to tell the difference. The Bangalow Palm is more frost tolerant then the King Palm and for that, is a better choice in Southern California. The origin of either species is Australia. The typical height is 30 feet when mature, its growth rate is moderately fast, and it will respond well to regular feeding. The hardiness zone is 10A-11.

The Bangalow Palm is very attractive when planted in groupings of two or more. They do well in full sun, as pictured here, in the Jamul area of San Diego County, where summer temperature can reach in excess of 100 degrees, and winter temperatures below freezing. Applications of chelated iron in late summer to early fall are of great assistance in helping palms such as these withstand colder temperatures. Well draining soil is a must.

King Palm
Growing Requirements
Cold Tolerance: To 27 degrees
Growth Rate: Moderate To Fast
Height: To 40'
Light Req: High
Soil Req: Well Draining
Feeding Req: Moderate to Heavy
Water Reg: Moderate
King Growing in Jamul
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