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Pindo Palm
Butia capitata

The Pindo Palm is native to Brazil and Uruguay and is also referred to as the Jelly Palm. Pindos are cold tolerant to 15 degrees and do well in the warmer inland areas also. They tolerate drought, high winds and poor soils but will do best when good horticultural practices are applied. You will be rewarded for digging a good sized hole and using a proper soil mix. Fertilizer and good watering practices will help this palm grow quicker then its reputation says.
The fruit of the Butia capitata is edible and has a pleasant taste. Similar in flavor to banana, the Pindo fruit is commonly used to make jelly. Foxtail Farms has Pindos in five gallon containers and 24 inch boxes.

Growing Requirements
Cold Tolerance: To 15 degrees
Growth Rate: Moderate
Height: To 20'
Light Req: High
Soil Req: Well Draining
Feeding Req: Moderate to Heavy
Water Reg: Low
Butia In 24
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