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Below are listed a number of valuable links referencing many of the nutritional issues common to palm trees. We suggest you find the material most relevant to your location and follow as closely as possible the recommendations you find. The best advice we can provide is: When you are ready to buy palm trees do so from a reputable nursery with assurances that your trees have been grown to the highest standards.

Palm nutrition guide. A good overview and description of nutritional problems.

http://coop.co.pinellas.fl.us/TimeTweb/2001/april01/aprdale.htm Potassium Deficiencies

http://hgic.clemson.edu/factsheets/HGIC1019.htm Palm & Cycads, Clemson University

http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/EP019 University of Florida on Ornamental Palms for North Florida

http://www.homestead.com/donselman/page8.html Dr. Henry Donselman: Pictorial of palm deficiencies and how to cure them.

http://monroe.ifas.ufl.edu/aug04_palm_nutritional_deficiencies.htm Kim Gabel, Environmental Horticulture Agent
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