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Triangle Palm
Neodypsis decari

This unique and beautiful palm specimen is highly desired in many Southern California palm gardens. Native to Madagascar, the Neodypsis grows well in our area when planted properly. The leaf bases are arranged tightly in a three-plan view, giving the Neodypsis its unique triangular look. A trunk will eventually form beneath the leaf bases giving the illusion of a triangular crown shaft. This palm makes a wonderful statement in the landscape and is generally planted as a single. Multiples can dominate so careful planning is a must. If planted in a windy area, keep the Triangle hydrated but do not over water. Frequent feeding is also necessary to maintain the proper appearance. Its leaves will reach a span of 12 feet and will grow moderately fast.
Neodypsis Foxtail Farms has many sizes of Triangle Palms. At left, a 15 gallon tree is secured in the ground as high winds can easily topple larger trees.
At left, a young Neodypsis planted in San Diego County, 15 miles inland. Summer temperatures can exceed 100 degrees and winter lows can reach below 30 degrees.

Growing Requirements
Cold Tolerance: To 28 degrees
Growth Rate: Moderate
Height: To 30'
Light Req: High
Soil Req: Well Draining
Feeding Req: Moderate
Water Reg: Low
Triangles Field Grown
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