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Flax Phormium

Phormium - New Zealand Flax
Bare Root

Foxtail Farms offers the highest quality Bare Root Phormium divisions possible. We stock nearly 30 cultivars in our "Bare Root" program and can recommend varieties that hold color and are best sellers. Regardless of order size, we ship the same day we harvest.
If your order is larger than the amount we can harvest in a single day, you will receive consecutive daily shipments until your order is filled. Not only are your divisions the freshest possible, your nursery is not over burdened with thousands of divisions to be potted up at one time. Freshness and division size are the most important aspects of being successful with Bare Root Phormium. All our divisions are treated with a rooting enzyme gel, just prior to shipment. They are then wrapped in moist woods chips or sphagnum and butcher paper. We normally do not trim the tops of our divisions but often they need trimming do to their size. It's important not to plant the divisions deeper than the crown. Bare Root Phormium are best suited for the fall and winter months as higher temperatures can create challenges. Please contact us with questions or comments about our "Bare Root" program.

bareroot phormium

Shiraz and Yellow Wave

phormium rooted division

Variety selection for divisions should made well before "Bare Root" season (October - April) begins to be assured of getting the cultivars you want as soon as possible. No deposit is needed unless we contract grow for you. Our harvesting begins in October as soon as hot weather has passed and continues through April and beyond depending on weather. If you have an interest in our "Rooted Divisions" program the Bare Root vs Rooted link may help in your decision.

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