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Flax Phormium


Phormium - New Zealand Flax
Ball & Burlap
Because we B&B our plants we can ship a nearly one gallon quality plant via UPS, FedEx Ground or USPS Priority, in any quantity, in standard shipping boxes. Our "Rooted Divisions" are wrapped in moist burlap that has been treated with beneficial rooting enzymes that help guarantee a healthy plant upon arrival. Imagine a box with 100 well-rooted plants shipped to zone 8 and costing about $20 based on FedEx Ground as of August 2008.

Burlap = Biodegradable: Our environment is better off as well. We are able to sanitize and reuse our growing containers, saving us and our customers money as well as eliminating the burden associated with recycling or worse, putting plastic into a land fill. We hope you consider this innovative approach and how it may best serve your nursery needs. We strive to grow the highest quality plant material possible and distribute to our customers in the most economical way while being environmentally responsible.

Wholesale & Retail Nurseries now have a choice regarding Phormium. This new program evolved from our failure with many bare root divisions. Eight years ago, if we could have started with "Rooted Divisions",our Phormium program with we would be 5 years ahead. We invite you to visit our Bare Root vs Rooted link and analyze our cost information.  

Retail-Mail Order: Phormium enthusiasts everywhere can now have access to this wonderful plant. Our "Rooted Divisions" wrapped in burlap make shipping a snap. Our plants are packed in boxes horizontally and secured with cushioned material. One Phormium plant or 100, we used the smallest box possible and the light weight ensures the lowest shipping cost possible. Our Retail-Mail Order link has availability, pricing and shipping information.

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